A1 Adelaide concrete has provided over 40 years service in concrete driveways, footpaths, garage floors, coloured concrete, throughout Adelaide. 

Exposed aggregate concrete driveways & footpaths in Adelaide

exposed aggregate concrete driveways and foot paths adelaide

Exposed aggregate concrete driveways and footpaths are very popular in Adelaide today. The exposed aggregate concrete cost is higher than standard concrete, due to the materials used in production and the extra labour and work required.

If you are looking to create an extra special look with your concrete driveway and footpath, exposed aggregate is a great choice, look no further A1 Adelaide Concrete has competitive exposed aggregate concrete prices. A1 Adelaide concrete services the greater Adelaide Metropolitan area.

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Popular exposed agrregate concrete mixes available in Adelaide

Currently we use Boral to supply our exposed aggregate concrete in Adelaide. This is machine measured and mixed through at the concrete batching plant, insuring consistent aggregate and colour through, as with all concrete, it too fades.

The option to top seed with other aggregate is available, as to is clear sealing after curing.

The images below are purely illustrative and can not be seen as a true representation of what the colour and texture will be when laid.

dark exposed aggregate concrete

Salt & pepper Dark and light stone on light concrete.

light and red exposd aggregate

Sunset quarry stone on a terracotta base.

light and grey exposed aggregate

Silver frost light stones on a greyish concrete base.

earthy red exposed aggregate

Rustic red earthy toned stones on a redish base.

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